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Drupal Sysadmin wanted

19 December 2014

Australian Drupal-savvy DevOps shops mig5 and Morpht are joining forces, and are currently looking for another Drupal savvy|interested person to augment a planned crack team of ninjadmins for various missions/ambushes in 2015.

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How to Create Ctools Content Types in Drupal 7

17 December 2014

Ctools content types, not to be confused with general content types, are Panels version of blocks. Another name for them are panel panes, but just think of them as more powerful blocks. Ivan will walk you through the process of creating your own content types.


Accredited supplier to NSW Government

11 December 2014

Morpht has been accepted as an accredited supplier to the NSW Government for ICT services.

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Client vs Site Builder

1 November 2014

Murray and I presented a session at Drupal Camp Sydney 2014 on the Paragraphs module. The presentation had a demo, lecture and a bit of roleplay. We talked about the benefits of chunking content and how Paragraphs could be used.

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Using Bootstrap in Drupal 7

18 October 2014

At this month's Sydney Drupal Users Group, I did a short presentation about using Bootstrap in Drupal 7. The presentation was broken down into two parts: Bootstrap themes and modules.

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Drupal Camp Sydney 2014

9 May 2014

It's been a while since the Sydney Drupal community put on a Drupal camp. It's time for that to change.

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User provisioned sites: Introducing Cyclone

5 February 2014

Cyclone is a new Drupal module which enables users to deploy sites to a variety of platforms including Pantheon and Aegir.


Ivan Zugec joins Morpht as Senior Developer

27 January 2014

Morpht is happy to announce that Ivan Zugec has recently joined the Morpht team as a senior developer.

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Privacy and Device Fingerprinting

18 October 2013

While reading DevOps news to keep Morpht in-line with the current best practices, I stumbled upon a paper called "FPDetective: Dusting the Web for Fingerprinters", covering a study performed by KU Leuven researches in Belgium. The team put together a web crawler called FPDetective and has crawled the million most popular websites of the Internet, detecting fingerprinting.


Server Monitoring presentation at DrupalCon Prague

17 August 2013

Marji will be presenting his server monitoring talk at the upcoming DrupalCon Prage conference in September.

If you are a Drupal developer or sys admin who has ever needed to tune or troubleshoot a server running Drupal you need to check out this talk. Marji will cover the basics of why you need to monitor servers and will address the following areas.

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One weird old tip to lose node weight

22 March 2013

A lightning talk, presented by Murray Woodman, which examines the entity load times for different objects including nodes, users, field collections and users. Comparisons are made between different caching strategies, including entitycache, as well as the weight added by fields and hooks. Just how heavy are nodes anyway?

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Information architecture for site builders

21 February 2013

Information architecture for site builders video presentation presented at DrupalCon Sydney 2013. Find out about the horizontal aspects of Drupal, modelling multi typed objects, relationships and tips for building faceted classification.

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Morpht talking at DrupalCon Sydney

5 January 2013

We are very happy to announce that one of our presentations got selected for DrupalCon Sydney.

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DrupalCon coming to Sydney

31 October 2012

Exciting news for Drupal fans. DrupalCon will be landing in Sydney on 6th-9th February 2013.

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Corporate website demo

8 October 2012

Morpht has just released a demonstration corporate website tailored to the requirements of the typical corporate website. It has sections for investor relations, careers, team profiles, corporate governance, projects, contact information and maps.

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Morpht Provision alpha release

16 August 2012

Morpht Provision is an online application which allows Drupal developers to easily deploy servers to the cloud in a number of configurations including LAMP, LEMP, Solr and MySQL. The site acts as a front end to Puppet configurations, allowing configurations to be easily rolled out to servers in the cloud.

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CDNs for optimal performance

4 August 2012

The time it takes for a page to be delivered to a user is very important. The shorter the better. Sites which suffer long download times will typically have higher bounce rates and lower conversions than sites which are faster. Google has recognised the importance of a snappy site by rewarding faster sites with better search results rankings.


Morpht is launched

3 August 2012

There's a new Drupal agency on the block. We are proud to announce that Morpht is opening its doors for business.

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