Website hosting

Once your site has been developed it is important that it is hosted in the best possible environment to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime.

You have the peace of mind knowing that your site will be able to survive traffic spikes if a page lands on the front page of a popular blog or social site. We also take good care of your data, ensuring it is backed up and migrated safely during site upgrades.

Solid server platform

We deploy our sites to reputable, reliable, value for money hosting providers in the cloud. Your site is hosted on hardware which is not oversubscribed - you have the horsepower when you need it.

Geek speak
Our preference for hosting is with the Linode Japan data centre. It has good uptime and very good latency for Australian clients. We can also deploy to Rackspace servers as well as other Australian VPS providers if required. If clients have high bandwidth data needs, we can access the Edgecast CDN to serve files from a cache in Australia and several others around the globe.

Optimised server stack

We are skilled at optimising the server environment so that it can serve your sites as quickly as possible. This ensures that pages are generally lightning quick for anonymous users, and reasonably quick for users who are logged in.

Geek speak
We provision optimized LEMP (NGINX) stack using Puppet to Ubuntu 12.04. Code is cached with APC. Pages can be cached with Varnish if required. Internal objects can be cached with Memcached if required. MySQL indexes and query cache are tuned. Server statistics are monitored to avoid swapping.

Best practice deployment

When we upgrade your site to a new version we ensure that it is done is a safe way. This includes taking a backup of database and files before migrating it. If there is a problem we can roll back. This minimises the possibility of your data being lost. During an update you shouldn't notice any downtime.

Geek speak
We use the Aegir hosting system for Drupal. This allows us to migrate sites in a safe manner.

Minimal downtime

We are not able to guarantee 100% uptime. From time to time servers will go down for maintenance or other reasons. We have experienced this downtime to be relatively minor. Our hosting provider guarantees 99.9% uptime and has generally been able to achieve that. In the event of catastrophic server failure we should able to spin up a new server and restore data within a few hours.

Geek speak
For demanding customers we can design a high availability solution with automatic failover to another data centre.