We make websites. You control the content.

At Morpht we build websites to help you achieve your business goals. We don't just hand you a static site that you cannot change, we give you the power to edit through a content management system customised to your needs. This makes it easy for you to create and edit documents and media. Your site is a living thing, enabling you to grow with your organisation and to easily communicate with your audience.

We aren't just concentrated on building sites however. We have the full website lifecycle covered from domain registration through to site scoping, development, hosting, monitoring and maintenance. We have a strong network of content strategists, copyrighters, photographers, illustrators and designers to help achieve your project needs.

Website scoping

Morpht uses five basic stages to scoping out a project: information gathering, story identification, estimation, prioritisation and finally proposal.

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Website development

Morpht has developed a website platform for easily creating and managing websites. The platform provides the building blocks for use to build a wide range of websites for business, publishing and commerce.

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Website hosting

Once your site has been developed it is important that it is hosted in the best possible environment to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime.

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Website design

Our aim at Morpht is for our sites to be beautiful and usable as well as functional.

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Search engine optimization

We ensure that your website is built so that it presents itself as well as possible to the popular search engines.

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