Ivan Zugec

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Ctools content types, not to be confused with general content types, are Panels version of blocks. Ivan will walk you through the process of creating your own content types for use in a Drupal 7 website.
Murray and I presented a session at Drupal Camp Sydney 2014 on the Paragraphs module. The presentation had a demo, lecture and a bit of roleplay. We talked about the benefits of chunking content and how Paragraphs could be used. The Paragraphs module allows you to chunk content together into "paragraphs". Each paragraph type can have its own set of fields. For example, you could have a paragraph type called "List" with an entity reference field that allows you to select and display articles. Once your paragraphs are created you can reorder them by moving them up or down.
At this month's Sydney Drupal Users Group, I did a short presentation about using Bootstrap in Drupal 7. The presentation was broken down into two parts: Bootstrap themes and modules.