Cyclone is a Drupal module developed by Morpht which allows for the automated provisioning of sites on multiple platforms.

Say what? What does Cyclone do exactly?  Cyclone makes it possible for agencies and Drupal shops to promote "template" websites and allow users to spin up copies of those sites on a variety of platforms. Currently we support Aegir and Pantheon platforms, as they provide an API for creating and destroying sites.

How does it work in practice?

  • An agency or Drupal webshop (the seller) builds a "template" site. eg. a "sports teams" site. 
  • The seller arranges hosting on a supported platform. In the case of Aegir you create new sites on a Platform. In the case of Pantheon you need to have some spare sites in your account.
  • The seller publishes the site on the web. In the case of Aegir this is a SIte on a Platform. In the case of Pantheon it could be a site or a zipped Drush archive.
  • The seller installs the Cyclone module on a showcase site. Jenkins also needs to be configured.
  • The template site is added in a site listing which can be browsed by users.
  • Users click on the site and spin up a new version of the site on the hosting.
  • User enjoys the site for a limited period and adds some demo data.
  • The seller then contacts the User to see whether they would be interested in buying or subscribing to the site.

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