Morpht partners with Acquia on govCMS

Morpht has been announced as an Acquia partner on the govCMS platform. We will be working with Acquia building sites for Australian Government agencies which will be hosted on govCMS.

The govCMS website describes govCMS as "the whole of government content management and website hosting service for Australian Government agencies".


The platform is comprised of a number of parts:

  • The CMS codebase, a Drupal distribution heavily based on aGov.
  • A high availability hosting platform provided by Acquia on top of AWS infrastructure in Australia.
  • Easy procurement of sites by Government agencies through the Department of Finance.
  • Professional services and agile web development provided by Acquia and selected partners such as Morpht.

Morpht is able to provide the following services to Government agencies wishing to get on the platform

  • UX, IA and Design
  • site building
  • theme development
  • data migration

Morpht looks forward to partnering with Acquia on this project and bringing the power of Drupal and digital transformation to a wider range of agencies in the Australian Government.


Morpht has developed a govCMS Demonstration website which shows off some of the things which can be achieved with govCMS. We are striving to deliver a superior authoring experience to content creators and to make it easy to build powerful, flexible componentised websites on govCMS. Please take a look at the demo for more info.

Our first govCMS engagement was to migrate 25 "Type 3" websites into 5 multisite platforms on Acquia Cloud Enterprise.

govCMS demo site

Morpht has released a govCMS demo site which demonstrates some techniques which can lead to easier more effective site builds for Government agencies.

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The features and capabilities of govCMS

A high level look at the features and capabilities of the govCMS codebase. Suitable for those considering whether to build a site on the platform.

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govCMS and Digital Transformation

The govCMS platform is designed to help government agencies get online and to address the challenges and opportunities posed by Digital Transformation. This article looks at the new requirements of the DTO and how they apply to govCMS.

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