Customer Underground

Customer Underground is a fun customer review site where customers get to have their say. Morpht was able to provide a site which included reviews, ratings, mapping and a large database of Australian locations and businesses.

Morpht was responsible for the site planning and build. The site was built in Drupal 6 and has the following features:

  • customer reviews and ratings,
  • location pages for all suburbs in Australia,
  • automatic importation of images from Flickr for each suburb,
  • taxonomy terms for different business types,
  • location and mapping for businesses
  • advanced faceted searching using Solr,
  • user login, validation and profile,
  • business owners are associated with a business giving them editing capabilities
  • recommended business based on a number of criteria,
  • SEO optimized with good titles, paths, descriptions, links and semantic content,
  • blog,
  • mobile site which works well on smaller devices,
  • page caching for spikes in traffic,
  • ratings metadata outputted as RDFa,
  • integration with MailChimp service and
  • integration with Facebook Connect.

Many of the features were supported by pre built modules available for Drupal, a testament to the platform’s modularity and flexibility. There was quite a bit of custom work done for parts of the site to augment these standard modules.