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What are the best practices for building investor relations websites? We have surveyed the literature and have come with a number of website features and principles which can be used to build best practice investor relations websites.

An essential part of any corporate website is the investor relations section. It gives the company the ability to clearly communicate with (potential) investors about important company announcements and results, in short, to keep the public abreast of important news and events. A good investor relations website stays up to date and encourages confidence in the company by providing timely, accurate and helpful information.

Just how should an investor relations website be organised? A number of helpful guides have been published by industry associations.

Essential features

There are some essential sections to a corporate website. The Australian Investor Relations Association in its guidelines for listed entities recommends that at a minimum, investor relations websites should include the following components:

  • Annual reports.
  • Results announcements.
  • All other announcements to the ASX.
  • A listed entity profile.
  • Listed entity contact details.

The London Stock Exchange has very helpfully offered a suggested site map for Investor Relations Websites:

  • About Us.
  • Governance.
  • News & Events.
  • Results & Meetings.
  • Share price details.
  • Shareholder information.
  • Advisers & Contacts.

User experience

When judging a website it is important to consider the quality of the content and the user experience. The MZ Bulletin offers a number of key criteria for judging the best Investor Relations websites:

  • How complete and useful is the content?
  • How well organized is the information presented?
  • How are technological resources explored?
  • How user-friendly, practical and intuitive is the website?
  • How frequently is information updated?

Innovative features

The web offers the ability to go beyond traditional publishing. There are many technologies which can be used to increase reach and engagement. The Investor Relations Society (UK) has provided some innovative features:

  • On site video with management interviews.
  • Social media bookmarking.
  • Virtual visits to company facilities.
  • Mobile version of the corporate website.
  • Email alerts and RSS feeds.
  • QA section.
  • Podcasts of events.
  • Social media feeds.

Morpht is a web development company which has built a best of breed platform capable of handling all of these requirements out of the box. We have surveyed the market for accepted best practices and have included them in our platform.

The following features come as standard on our platform:

  • Wide variety of content types including pages, blogs, articles, slideshows, profiles, projects and jobs.
  • Powerful facetted search.
  • Mobile and tablet ready.
  • Clean, modern design.
  • Consistent site structure and clear navigation.
  • Web standards for accessibility.
  • Good SEO and metadata.
  • Social integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • A variety of layouts and themes.

We have developed a platform where much of the hard work has been done up front, allowing you to concentrate on things important to you: your message and content. If you want to find out a bit more, then please get in contact with us.


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