Six certified Drupal developers (and counting)

Six Morpht Developers have received Acquia certification.

Most of the time at Morpht we have our heads down, focussing on delivering client work. We are pretty much neck deep in code, designs and tickets most of our time, delivering sites to our clients as best as we can. We made the decision to take a pause over the Christmas break to consolidate a few areas of the company. This included improvements to our own website, scrum training and development time on some internal projects. We also made Drupal certification for our developers a priority as well - 6 of them have now completed the Acquia certification programme for developers and front enders.

Why did we decide that we would pursue certification for our developers? There certainly has been a good deal of controversy about it in the community. Some claim that they would not want to work at a company which valued certification over real skills - that certification is only a shallow representation of what is needed to be a truly accomplished Drupal developer. Whilst we do agree that an exam can never replace hard won experience, a pass does demonstrate a knowledge and familiarity with the subject matter.  We look upon certification as way we are able to validate our skills to potential clients. We let work and experience do the rest of the speaking.

So far five of our developers have taken the exam with plans for more developers to take them when they feel able to do so. This process has encouraged new developers to improve their knowledge by swatting up on Drupal APIs, watching videos and talking to other devs about areas they do not feel comfortable in. All up this has been a positive experience for us a company and our developers as skills have increased as gaps have been exposed.

Congrats to our certified developers: