Colin Watson

Colin joined Morpht in late 2016, a place which, according to him, is one of the few Drupal agencies where he could utilise a wide-range of skills: user experience, design, site-building, project management, & digital production.

More recently, Colin has been sitebuilding and theming Drupal 6, 7, and 8 for corporate clients, digital agencies, and Drupal shops. He has also spoken at Drupal conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Japan, and once in awhile is known to do an ad-hoc presentation at a meetup or two. Colin loves working with clients and helping them through the processes of requirements-gathering, usability improvements, content strategy, and design look and feel. He also helps them understand how Drupal can best address their needs, as he has done so in the past by delivering Drupal site-building & theming training to the web development teams at organisations who have adopted Drupal. He finds himself increasingly influenced by the field of architecture, and feels that the way humans interact with a thing is just as important as the thing itself.