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Training: In depth theming and theme development in Drupal 8 (Canberra)

Wed, 2017-02-22 05:11
Start:  2017-03-29 09:00 - 16:00 Australia/Sydney Organizers:  VladimirAus Event type:  Training (free or commercial)


In depth theming and theme development in Drupal 8

1. Introduction to theming in Drupal 8. Review of standard and contributed themes
2. Using twig in Drupal 8
3. Using bootstrap theme and creating subtheme
4. Debugging and creating templates
5. Drupal 8 theme and preprocess functions
6. Working with CSS and JavaScript
7. Creating standalone theme


QT hotel or National Library of Australia (TBC)
Canberra, ACT 2601

Training: Drupal 8 development environments using Docker containers (Canberra)

Wed, 2017-02-22 05:07
Start:  2017-03-28 09:00 - 16:00 Australia/Brisbane Organizers:  VladimirAus Event type:  Training (free or commercial)


Drupal 8 development environments using Docker containers

1. Introduction to Docker and Docker Compose
2. Creating and managing MySQL and phpMySQL containers (multiple dbs, users)
3. Creating php container and linking it to database
4. Adding composer to php container and installing Drupal
5. Using Drupal in docker (source control, drush, adding modules using composer)
6. Extending Drupal with Drupal Console and codeception
7. Debugging Drupal


QT hotel or National Library of Australia (TBC)
Canberra, ACT 2601

DrupalGov 2017

Mon, 2017-02-13 22:52
Start:  2017-03-27 08:30 - 17:30 Australia/Melbourne Organizers:  sime xtfer Event type:  Drupalcamp or Regional Summit


DrupalGov returns to Canberra in 2017 on the 27th of March. This year the event will be held at the QT Hotel in Canberra, and we're aiming to get over 250 attendees. That's not the only thing we're excited about, we potentially have a couple of amazing keynotes coming through, something for everyone.

Drupal 8 Media Management and Analytics

Fri, 2017-01-06 03:29
Start:  2017-01-19 18:00 - 21:00 Australia/Sydney Event type:  User group meeting


Kick off 2017 with a good variety of Drupal presentations covering Drupal 8 media management, analytics, accessibility and how to build a Display Suite plugin.

1800 Drinks
1830 Presentations
1915 Lightning talks and announcements
1930 Drinks, pizza, socialising and mentoring
2100 Kickout

1. Media Management in Drupal 8 by Ivan Zugec (20 mins)

Ivan will cover the complex topic of media management in Drupal. A lot has changed in how media is handled in Drupal 8 and in this session he'll cover the following:
- What's new in Drupal 8
- A run through of all the media related modules for Drupal 8
- Demonstrate how to set up basic media handling in Drupal 8

2. Advanced Analytics by David Bouwmeester (20 mins)

David will take us through the basics of setting up analytics and then demonstrate how to use tools to analyse and visualise the captured data.

3. About Accessibility (A11y) by Alexar Pendashteh (lightning)

Alexar on accessibility.

4. Display suite field plugins by Alastair Moore (lightning)

Welly will show us how to write a custom display suite field in D8.

5. Questions and Answers

An open session where questions can be asked and discussed. Don't be shy - ask us anything.

Sydney / Drupal intro for non-techies and beginners

Wed, 2016-12-28 03:49
Start:  2016-12-29 15:00 - 18:00 Australia/Sydney Organizers:  pendashteh Event type:  Training (free or commercial)

I am running a Drupal intro session for a couple of my friends in Sydney.

It's free so everyone is welcome to join us. If you know someone who might benefit let them know!

Introduction of Drupal to non-techies and beginners

I will introduce Drupal and explain how it could be used as a web application builder.

The audience could be:
- Businesses with online presence or online workflow
- Community managers
- Students
- Drupal Beginners

After the theory bit, you get to build your own web application if you have brought your computer!

Date: 28 December 2016 - 3pm to 6pm

101 William St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Ring me for questions 0 410 7220 54 / Alexar

Private Files

Sun, 2016-12-04 05:16

Hello everyone.
I'll just post this here and if its not the place I guess you'll let me know, and i'll wander back into the labyrinth that is Drupal proper. I'm loath to disturb the core gods so thought I might ask here.
My issue is as it has always been with Drupal since I started dragging sites through 4.7 to 5 to 6 to 7. I am a huge fan of Drupal of course, but one thing remains consistent throughout. Private Files. In the community sites I do , private files are essential, access control is essential. I'd think thats true of all sites really which are more than just giant advertisements. I'm building a site now because the community simply cant afford an actual 'real' developer , and i'm just a photographer with a dangerous love of drupal and friends in this community.
Here in Drupal 7 , the curse of "Array to string conversion in drupal_send_headers" hangs about for anything put into private storage , but now ( now finally getting the point of this post ) along with those php notices comes a real problem.
Google Chrome - the most used browser , has problems with private pdf files. I've reported this to google and that has no doubt disappeared into googles own labyrinth, but I cant help feel that those header notices are connected.
Chrome will show in browser the pdf if the pdf is in public storage fine. It displays the pdf language ( ewww) not the pdf if the pdf is in private storage. Safari and Edge download the file as expected. This happens in OSX and Windows 10 . Android and iOS are fine with everything. Interestingly enough on the local site in MAMP , everything is fine.

My own thought are that the header issue begins in the File module, or the file_entity module but I don't know. I'm certainly reading up and learning , but that doesn't help my present site. So. I'm asking here for some direction or some ideas.
Sorry about my rambling - a bad habit I'm told.

govCMS AMA from the govCMS team Department of Finance

Mon, 2016-11-28 03:30
Start:  2016-12-07 18:15 Australia/Sydney Organizers:  rli Event type:  User group meeting


For the last meetup in 2016, Mr Nathan Wall the head of govCMS from Department of Finance will bring us an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session about govCMS. A list of questions have been collected from the community in previous meetup:

  • What is the roadmap for govCMS ?
  • When are we going to have Drupal 8 in govCMS ?
  • What are the current tasks in govCMS team and what are the priorities ?
  • What is the role of the govCMS team?
  • Does the govCMS team maintain the project?
  • How can the Drupal community contribute to the project?
  • Does govCMS encourage the community to contribute to the project?
  • If the community find a bug in the codebase, does the govCMS team take the responsibility of fixing it?
  • What is the budget breakdown of govCMS project?
  • Who are the govCMS vendors? And what are the their roles in govCMS?
  • What is the process to add a module in govCMS?
  • How does govCMS prevent people from doing ‘everything’ in theme? (Things should have been done in the module level now is done in the theme level.)
  • Can some configurations permission be granted to the end user ?
  • The end user can not see a lot configurations, a tiny change in the configuration level can take long time to complete
  • The end users don’t know what they can do in govCMS without seeing the configurations
  • What is the benefits of govCMS ?
  • Please come bring your questions to the session, we look forward to discussing with you regarding govCMS.

    Thanks Oakton for the sponsership.

    Drupal Global Training Day Brisbane (Beginners and Intermediate)

    Tue, 2016-11-22 08:28
    Start:  2016-12-03 09:00 - 17:00 Australia/Brisbane Organizers:  VladimirAus Event type:  Training (free or commercial)


    Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems to build websites.
    Drupal global training day aims to introduce Drupal to wider audience.
    Workshops will give you in depth knowledge of Drupal website building and understanding of basic concepts.

    Drupal 8 introduction
    Length: 3 hours
    Goal: Learn basics of Drupal 8 site building
    Agenda: Building cinema website using Drupal 8
    - Drupal: installation
    - Drupal: taxonomies
    - Drupal: content types
    - Website: homepage
    - Drupal: content types
    - Website: basic pages
    - Drupal: basic fields
    - Website: movies
    - Drupal: blocks
    - Website: social media links
    - Drupal: reference fields
    - Drupal: basic views
    - Website: cinema sessions
    - Drupal: view modes / form view modes
    - Website: news pages / news list
    - Website: contact form

    Drupal 8 intermediate
    Length: 4 hours
    Goal: Extend basic knwoledge of Drupal 8 site building
    Agenda: Extending cinema website using Drupal 8
    - Drupal: modules
    - Drupal: paragraphs
    - Website: extending basic home page
    - Drupal: intermediate dates
    - Drupal: intermediate views
    - Website: extending cinema to multiple screens
    - Drupal: extending forms
    - Website: creating competition pages
    - Drupal: features
    - Website: exporting functionality

    Drupal Brisbane Monthly Meetup

    Tue, 2016-11-08 00:39
    Start:  2016-11-08 18:00 - 21:00 Australia/Brisbane Organizers:  VladimirAus taslett Sean_Cleary Event type:  User group meeting


    Rooftop Terrace, Wesley House
    Level 9 / 140 Ann St, Brisbane

    Spectacular and fully accessible CBD venue overlooking King George Square. (NB: $5 parking available after 4:30pm in BCC's King George Square Carpark)
    Drupal Brisbane Meetups:-

    • Earlier starting time: 6:30pm

    • Beers of the month: update pending m

    • Please complete the RSVP form, incl. if you're NOT coming, and if you ARE coming esp. Q2 & Q3 to assist with catering.

    Drupal Brisbane Meetups are open to all and have no attendance charge. We aim to set a welcoming tone for new-comers. Out-of-town Drupalistas who are visiting Brisbane are also welcome. (Want to present something from your Drupal work??!!)

    (1) We aim to schedule three main presentations during the main meetup in order to achieve more depth and diversity in our content; and
    (2) We try to make sure that at least one of the three presentations is at a fairly technical level to ensure that our meetup stays relevant to advanced Drupalers.

    NB: With the goal of three presentations we're always on the look out for topic presenters.


    5.15pm: Drupal Mentoring:- [optional]

    From 5.15pm to 6.00pm regular members of our meetup may be available for mentoring in either (1) Drupal beginner training; or (2) Drupal problem-solving.

    If this interests you please use the comments field below to provide some detail of your training/support/mentoring need, and if any regular member is able to help they'll respond there - confirming availability and perhaps requesting further info AND reconfirmation that you'll show up too.

    6.00pm: Beer and Pizza [optional]

    Very occasionally we have a sponsor for this - but generally we just try to recover the minimal cost of these - so bring some cash to throw into the 'honesty-box'.

      • MEETUP STARTS * *
        6:30pm - Drupal Presentation I:

    Topic: To be advised

    by: Pending

    7.00pm - Around-the-Room Intro's

    We put this as our second item on the Agenda so that late-comers don't miss out! This section is one of the most valuable parts of our meetup in terms both of building the Drupal community, and for networking to learn who is working on and has skills or experience in what things.

    Three elements: (1) Name; (2) Drupal role & context in ten words or less; & (3) something interesting in Drupal or other webtech that you've been working on lately.

    7:15pm - Drupal Presentation II:

    Topic: To be advised

    by: Pending

    7:45pm Community Feedback or Lightning Talks
    We don't want to use up much Meetup time on this but, depending on what activities are being planned for Qld Drupal networking, promotion and training we may have some elements needing broader yet concise consultation & feedback. When not need this time will be supplanted by any lightning talks participants might be able to offer. No pressure!

    8:00pm - Drupal Presentation III:

    Topic: To be advised

    by: Pending

    8.30pm - Finish & Networking Time:

    All welcome to stick around to continue the conversation over another beer.


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